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Online media, it is time to personalize your newsletters 

Harness the power of our algorithms to offer personalized newsletters to your subscribers and increase their engagement


Acquisition and audience segmentation

Find out how Mediego can help you with the acquisition of audience and how you can segment the known and unknown Internet users.

Recommendations on the web

Give a thorough personalized experience to your customers by activating personalized recommendations of articles on your site.

E-merchands: recommend the right product at the right time!

Personalize your website

Display content that catches each user’s attention when they visit your website.

Personalize your emailings

Increase the click rate with content adapted for each of your subscribers.

Categorize your audience

Identify your clients in their purchasing phase with dynamic categorization of your audience.

Choose the right solution with Mediego

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  • An innovative technology from the Inria research lab
  • Online and offline data processing
  • Capture hidden contextual data
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  • Powerfull collaborative filtering algorithm
  • Effective from the first click
  • Updated in real time
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  • Easy to use
  • Accessible in SaaS mode
  • Automated reporting
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  • Data backup
  • Secure servers
  • Technical support

Mediego is an agile and reactive solution ideal for your marketing actions. The team clearly gets our challenges and addresses them in a timely and innovative way.

Nicolas Bouget

Chief Data Officer, Ouest-France

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